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Treasures of Neopia Guild News

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14 December 2002 [Dec. 14th, 2002|03:52 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 14:
    "You find 300 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Snowman!!!
    You also find a Mint Chocolate Tree!!!"
Welcome back to everyone thats been away for a while for various reasons - hope we can make a big comeback this Christmas - wish I wasn't stuck in France without decent internet access. :(
Clarification for Ollie's Conundrum - 5 rounds, one for each Meepit etc. - my question! I entered!
Still need volunteers to help send out Guild Questionnaire.
Discussion about same trick as last year with the Rod of Supernova.
Ezza just got a new pig!
Lots of people volunteering for Tiger's new game - it sounds good.
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13 December 2002 [Dec. 13th, 2002|03:51 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 13:
    "You find 400 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Woolly JubJub Hat!!!
    You also find a Jelly Bean Stocking!!!
    You also find a Rod of Supernova!!!
    ... but as you to go pick it up, the Pant Devil appears and runs off with it."
General chit-chat.
Friday 13th discussion & snow on a white Christmas.
Treasure Conundrum #2:
    "Ok, I've posted the new treasure conundrum on my pet page - http://home.neopets.com/templates/homepage.phtml?pet_name=Snowwdrift. Sorry about the layout but I don't know html and I haven't got time to learn it tonight!
    Any questions on the Conundrum post or neomail me, but I'm afraid they might not be answered for while as this will probably be my last weekday post for a while.
    I'll post it below for convenience:
    Spectre the Jetsam is running a new game in Neopia, called "The Weakest Meepit." At the end of each round, the Meepits vote off the contestant who they think has done worse in the questions that round. And of course, Spectre takes time out to insult them all. From the following clues, can you figure out when each Meepit was voted off, how many questions they got wrong, and what Spectre said to them?
    The performance of the third-round casualty was described by Spectre as "feeble", but he or she had not made four slip-ups; the contestant with four failures was not Blue Meepit, and was not dismissed as "shaky" or "hopeless." Pink Meepit was described as "hopeless", but hadn't produced the highest number of passes or wrong answers. Christmas Meepit, who did not leave at the end of the fourth round, neither got the least number of failures nor was described as "pathetic"; Blue was also not the fourth-round dismissal. The fifth round casualty had two passes or wrong answers, while Yellow Meepit suffered three. Green Meepit left the team at the end of round 2. With only one pass, one team member was grudgingly described as unlucky by Spectre before saying "You are the Weakest Meepit - Goodbye!"
    This week's prize is a valuable Gold Spectre Battlecard. As usual, the best answer will be the most detailed, or failing that, the first one I get. This competition will close just before Christmas! Good luck!"
Sneak peek at Tiger's new game:   
    "To those of you who have been awaiting what my new game will be it will be quite simple!
    It is a game from TV and it should be fun!
    Its called Friend or Foe? It will be just like the TV version
    6 players total
    Each team of two plays and answers questions for neopoints
    Thats just a sneak peak of what is to come. I hope to start the game at the end of January or as soon as willofgaia's game is over. Friend or Foe? would probably only last a month at the most, one team getting out of the game once a week. I'll post the rules when the time gets closer
    Hey will! When you starting your game?"
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12 December 2002 [Dec. 12th, 2002|03:51 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 12:
    "You find 250 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Christmas Wocky Plushie!!!
    You also find a Gingerbread Wocky!!!"
General chit-chat.
Smiles is leaving:
    "Hi everyone :) I am going to leave the guild as I like to come to a message board to find more and new posts to read, it is kinda frustrating 'for me' coming back after a day's work and all I find is my last post or just the x word answers. I always look forward to coming to the guild every afternoon and morning to see what's new. It's not just posting, it's basically being part of a family guild that you join :)
    Due to me being active more than some of you, I need to find a guild that is active and has members posting more and just being part of the guild by taking part in things.
    I am more happy to stay Neofriends with you :) I am still in Neopia :) can't leave it LOL
    Jo I will neomail you the plushie gallery info :)
    I would like to wish you all a
Its a vicious circle, how can we be active if all the active members are leaving - its been a slow month - give it time.
New Wintry Petpets!!!
People say nice things about the guild:
    Trmtiger19: "I love the guild! I dont care if we are not active like other ones. This guild has some of the most caring people around. Even though we are not as active we have caring people. Some active groups have so many members that there are sooo many to remember and they probably dont care as much as we do. So just know this...I will never leave due to inactiveness or anything because of members. This is my first and only guild and I wont ever leave!"
    I4elephante: "I agree with tiger, I like this guild even tho its not that active...and I dont really like really active guilds because as much as I like to read posts the more posts there are the easier I lose interest in the guild coz nobody takes much notice of u or I dont have time to read the posts one day and the next there's heaps so I cant be bothered then...so even tho this guild ain't as active as it used to be I would never leave it! sorry to see u go smiles but I hope u find a guild that u do enjoy."
Willofgaia been is Charlotte in an ice-storm for a week with no power - he's back!
With Survivor predictions.
Everyone says goodbye to smiles - wish she would come back, we're not always inactive this much, just had a bad run.  But everyone is right, the guild is like a family, you can't abandon family! :)
I4elephante on holiday's now - but off to camp for 9 days after Christmas.
Fox is back: "Hello everyone! As u may have noticed I haven't been around for some time now, sorry about that, but it was because of my exams, and because I had a really bad cold that left me bed-ridden, and when they were finally over, I went on a rowing exchange to Sydney, and I just got back yesterday! But fortunately, school is finally over for the year (:) :) :) :) ) and I can now become an active member again! Oh and now I can finally put all my concentration into the game I've been working on! Oh and happy birthday angel!"
School discussion.
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11 December 2002 [Dec. 11th, 2002|03:50 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 11:
    "You find 500 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Tree Shaped Crackers and Cheese!!!
    You also find a El Picklesaur Plushie!!!"
Need more entries for the Lucky Draw #2.
Ezza back from holiday, but her pig dies :( - discussion.
General chit-chat.
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10 December 2002 [Dec. 10th, 2002|03:50 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Yugi_oh posted crossword answers.
Advent Calendar Day 10:
    "You find 800 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Mika and Carassa Mug!!!
    You also find a Jazzmosis Xmas Special Ticket!!!"
Brainbubbles26's birthday! - Happy Birthday!
War discussion.
BB Update:
    "I have given out the neopoints for Big Brother, sorry it took a while. I had to transfer it from one account to another so it took a while to transfer. You should have it now if you accept! How is everyone?
    I'm doing ok, at school so it's as fun as it gets!"
Computer ate 1000 words of Ollie's essay :( - discussion.
Lucky Draw #1 Winner:
    "..... was smilesnz. Please put up a trade so we can send you your prize of 5250NP."
I post new poll - because m0nkey seems to have disappeared and we need a new birthday faerie.
Ollie's last week at Uni - so won't be on as much over Xmas.
Thank you Ollie for the Blue Fir!
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09 December 2002 [Dec. 9th, 2002|03:50 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 9:
    "You find 300 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Biscuit Assortment!!!
    You also find a Holly Wreath!!!"
Yugi_oh posted crossword answers.
Xmas shopping!
Member Awards November 2002:
    "Please send votes for the following categories to yugi_oh_fan (that's ME!):
        - Member of the Month
        - Newbie of the Month
        - Helper of the Month
        - Guild Contest of the Month
        - Nominations for Distinguished Member / Hall of Fame (if you choose to)
    As far as I know, there's really no Newbie of the Month left! :S"
General chit-chat.
BB Points Update:
    "Sorry guys, I've been slow at getting your neopoints to you. I will log onto my spare account and trade them with you guys, I will be giving them out from tigersnumbers19 so just know that is me when I trade you."
Bubbles back in the guild!
Poll Results:
"Question: What Neoitem would you like for Christmas?? (smiles) - Total Votes: 10
    - plushie, toy - 2 votes
    - petpets - 5 votes
    - xmas food for your pets - 0 votes
    - books - 2 votes
    - other, please post on the message board - 1 votes."
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08 December 2002 [Dec. 8th, 2002|03:49 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Yugi_oh posted crossword answers.
Advent Calendar Day 8:
    "You find 40 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Chocolate Tree!!!
    You also find a Snow Chia Sculpture!!!"
Snowbunny discussion - Syrawenn sends me one :), also want a Blue Fir! - Llyuojs sent me one! :)
We need new Birthday Faerie coz M0nkey seems to have disappeared - no-one's been getting pressies for ages.
Discussion of smiles sports thing.
General chit-chat.
Come on people where are you all - its been really slow lately.
Lucky Draw #1 Update:
    "Last fortnight's competition is over, total prize fund was 10,500NP - I will draw the winner tonight and post 2moz or Tue (coz have test and Ollie is going 2moz)"
Lucky Draw #2:
    "Starts today.... ends in 2 weeks on the 22nd so start buying your tickets now..... (and also donate your junk)"
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