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09 December 2002 - Treasures of Neopia Guild News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

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09 December 2002 [Dec. 9th, 2002|03:50 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News


Advent Calendar Day 9:
    "You find 300 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Biscuit Assortment!!!
    You also find a Holly Wreath!!!"
Yugi_oh posted crossword answers.
Xmas shopping!
Member Awards November 2002:
    "Please send votes for the following categories to yugi_oh_fan (that's ME!):
        - Member of the Month
        - Newbie of the Month
        - Helper of the Month
        - Guild Contest of the Month
        - Nominations for Distinguished Member / Hall of Fame (if you choose to)
    As far as I know, there's really no Newbie of the Month left! :S"
General chit-chat.
BB Points Update:
    "Sorry guys, I've been slow at getting your neopoints to you. I will log onto my spare account and trade them with you guys, I will be giving them out from tigersnumbers19 so just know that is me when I trade you."
Bubbles back in the guild!
Poll Results:
"Question: What Neoitem would you like for Christmas?? (smiles) - Total Votes: 10
    - plushie, toy - 2 votes
    - petpets - 5 votes
    - xmas food for your pets - 0 votes
    - books - 2 votes
    - other, please post on the message board - 1 votes."