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12 December 2002 - Treasures of Neopia Guild News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

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12 December 2002 [Dec. 12th, 2002|03:51 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News


Advent Calendar Day 12:
    "You find 250 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Christmas Wocky Plushie!!!
    You also find a Gingerbread Wocky!!!"
General chit-chat.
Smiles is leaving:
    "Hi everyone :) I am going to leave the guild as I like to come to a message board to find more and new posts to read, it is kinda frustrating 'for me' coming back after a day's work and all I find is my last post or just the x word answers. I always look forward to coming to the guild every afternoon and morning to see what's new. It's not just posting, it's basically being part of a family guild that you join :)
    Due to me being active more than some of you, I need to find a guild that is active and has members posting more and just being part of the guild by taking part in things.
    I am more happy to stay Neofriends with you :) I am still in Neopia :) can't leave it LOL
    Jo I will neomail you the plushie gallery info :)
    I would like to wish you all a
Its a vicious circle, how can we be active if all the active members are leaving - its been a slow month - give it time.
New Wintry Petpets!!!
People say nice things about the guild:
    Trmtiger19: "I love the guild! I dont care if we are not active like other ones. This guild has some of the most caring people around. Even though we are not as active we have caring people. Some active groups have so many members that there are sooo many to remember and they probably dont care as much as we do. So just know this...I will never leave due to inactiveness or anything because of members. This is my first and only guild and I wont ever leave!"
    I4elephante: "I agree with tiger, I like this guild even tho its not that active...and I dont really like really active guilds because as much as I like to read posts the more posts there are the easier I lose interest in the guild coz nobody takes much notice of u or I dont have time to read the posts one day and the next there's heaps so I cant be bothered then...so even tho this guild ain't as active as it used to be I would never leave it! sorry to see u go smiles but I hope u find a guild that u do enjoy."
Willofgaia been is Charlotte in an ice-storm for a week with no power - he's back!
With Survivor predictions.
Everyone says goodbye to smiles - wish she would come back, we're not always inactive this much, just had a bad run.  But everyone is right, the guild is like a family, you can't abandon family! :)
I4elephante on holiday's now - but off to camp for 9 days after Christmas.
Fox is back: "Hello everyone! As u may have noticed I haven't been around for some time now, sorry about that, but it was because of my exams, and because I had a really bad cold that left me bed-ridden, and when they were finally over, I went on a rowing exchange to Sydney, and I just got back yesterday! But fortunately, school is finally over for the year (:) :) :) :) ) and I can now become an active member again! Oh and now I can finally put all my concentration into the game I've been working on! Oh and happy birthday angel!"
School discussion.