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13 December 2002 - Treasures of Neopia Guild News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

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13 December 2002 [Dec. 13th, 2002|03:51 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News


Advent Calendar Day 13:
    "You find 400 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Woolly JubJub Hat!!!
    You also find a Jelly Bean Stocking!!!
    You also find a Rod of Supernova!!!
    ... but as you to go pick it up, the Pant Devil appears and runs off with it."
General chit-chat.
Friday 13th discussion & snow on a white Christmas.
Treasure Conundrum #2:
    "Ok, I've posted the new treasure conundrum on my pet page - http://home.neopets.com/templates/homepage.phtml?pet_name=Snowwdrift. Sorry about the layout but I don't know html and I haven't got time to learn it tonight!
    Any questions on the Conundrum post or neomail me, but I'm afraid they might not be answered for while as this will probably be my last weekday post for a while.
    I'll post it below for convenience:
    Spectre the Jetsam is running a new game in Neopia, called "The Weakest Meepit." At the end of each round, the Meepits vote off the contestant who they think has done worse in the questions that round. And of course, Spectre takes time out to insult them all. From the following clues, can you figure out when each Meepit was voted off, how many questions they got wrong, and what Spectre said to them?
    The performance of the third-round casualty was described by Spectre as "feeble", but he or she had not made four slip-ups; the contestant with four failures was not Blue Meepit, and was not dismissed as "shaky" or "hopeless." Pink Meepit was described as "hopeless", but hadn't produced the highest number of passes or wrong answers. Christmas Meepit, who did not leave at the end of the fourth round, neither got the least number of failures nor was described as "pathetic"; Blue was also not the fourth-round dismissal. The fifth round casualty had two passes or wrong answers, while Yellow Meepit suffered three. Green Meepit left the team at the end of round 2. With only one pass, one team member was grudgingly described as unlucky by Spectre before saying "You are the Weakest Meepit - Goodbye!"
    This week's prize is a valuable Gold Spectre Battlecard. As usual, the best answer will be the most detailed, or failing that, the first one I get. This competition will close just before Christmas! Good luck!"
Sneak peek at Tiger's new game:   
    "To those of you who have been awaiting what my new game will be it will be quite simple!
    It is a game from TV and it should be fun!
    Its called Friend or Foe? It will be just like the TV version
    6 players total
    Each team of two plays and answers questions for neopoints
    Thats just a sneak peak of what is to come. I hope to start the game at the end of January or as soon as willofgaia's game is over. Friend or Foe? would probably only last a month at the most, one team getting out of the game once a week. I'll post the rules when the time gets closer
    Hey will! When you starting your game?"