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Treasures of Neopia Guild News

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07 December 2002 [Dec. 7th, 2002|03:49 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Burnt_angel_69's (ME!!) 21st Birthday!!! - had a great day.
Advent Calendar Day 7:
    "You find 80 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Deluxe Candy Cane!!!
    You also find a Fireplace!!!"
Blinkie discussion.
Advent Calendar yesterday: First 500 people got a Blue Fir because they were changing the prizes, the others got a Snowbunny - only available through the Calendar.
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06 December 2002 [Dec. 6th, 2002|03:49 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 6:
    "You find a Flaming Oven Gloves!!!
    You also find a Blue Fir!!! / Snowbunny!!!"
Advent Calendar discussion.
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05 December 2002 [Dec. 5th, 2002|03:48 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Yugi_oh posted crossword answers.
Advent Calendar Day 5:
    "You find 200 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Squeaky Rubber Bruce Toy!!!
    You also find a Rainbow Snowball!!!"
Oops Yugi posted this too - Smiles protective of her Advent Calendar job - well I did ask her specifically!! :)
Ollie in France with me!! And its my birthday on Sat, the 7th.
Its exam season for Yugi_oh, why he's been so busy lately.
BB discussion - think its a good idea to end it now if Tiger's been busy, and then time for other people to do competitions after Xmas.  Non-active players didn't win anything.
    "BB Ends:
    Sorry guys but I'm going to end Big Brother right here, its getting tooo hard and I need to focus on school! There are five of you that have been active so I am splitting 20,000 five ways, each getting 4000 Neopoints!!!
    The five players the get this are:
    Sorry for doing it so soon but I had to. Each of you put up a trade for 4000 Neopoints and I'll get around to giving you the reward. I will do another contest sometime in February, until then.....WILLOFGAIA!!! Its your turn to be a host of your game!!!!"
General chit-chat.
Member Awards November 2002:
    "Hey guys!
    Solly I forgot! I've got school on the brain! Anyways, big thanks to angel for helping me get started with this so...
    Please send votes for the following categories to yugi_oh_fan (that's ME!):
        - Member of the Month
        - Newbie of the Month
        - Helper of the Month
        - Guild Contest of the Month
        - Nominations for Distinguished Member / Hall of Fame (if you choose to)
    As far as I know, there's really no Newbie of the Month left! :S"
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04 December 2002 [Dec. 4th, 2002|03:48 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 4:
    "You find 50 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Seasonal Pudding!!!
    You also find a Snow Wars Collectable Card!!!"
Smiles trying to rally votes for the poll.
BB Update:
    "We will be evicting two people every week from now on for the next two weeks! We will have four people win a total of 5000 Neopoints just because I cant wait for it to get down to two players!!
    These are all the players left in the game. Smilesnz is part of it because of her getting back in. Please dont nominate smilesnz because that was part of getting back into the game is that whoever got back in got a free week from eviction
    Everyone else is fair game."
My update:
    "Wintry Petpets:
    I'm adding them to my wishlist, plus the recent painted petpets that aren't already on there.
Member Info:
    "I'm planning to create a members section on the guild website.
    Can anyone else help send out neomails?
    Not sending out the letter, thought this would prompt people to respond to the guild, and if some people don't reply then I need a neomail for them."
Lucky Draw No 1 Update:
    "Prize fund 8000NP
    Entries so far:
        trmtiger19 - 2
        smilesnz - 6
        llyuojs - 1
        yugi_oh_fan - 3
        burnt_angel_69 - 2
        i4elephante - 2
    Ends on the 7th, winners drawn and announced by the 10th"
Scammer discussion - moving from one guild to another posting cheat sites, smiles informed other guild leaders.
Discussion of photos.
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03 December 2002 [Dec. 3rd, 2002|03:48 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 3:
    "You find 150 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Gingerbread Mynci!!!
    You also find a Fire Faerie!!!"
Don't forget it's half price day today - I do as always!
Contest discussion and feedback:
Smiles: "Feedback: I still think its hard for some, not everyone is into maths and we have some young members too that may not be able to do that, they might be able to too. All I was saying is make it a little bit easier so all members can have a chance at entering.
    Hi Ollie. I wasn't putting you down or anything and I didn't say it was bad question. From my last guild I was in, I had to make sure it was at everyone's level, or in between or else they would stop entering if they don't know how to work it out. Just from the past is what I have been told about contests.
    Strchick entered, thats good to see they are still here. be nice to see a post to so we know you are here too. LOL
    Anyhow enough of that LOL, thanks for doing the contest, thats from me anyhow hehe."
Ollie: "Well I don't think I did too badly since I had to think up something off the top of my head this time. I thought it was pretty fair cos-
    (A) even those without knowledge of maths could guess and have a chance of winning something, like Strchick did in fact
    (B) if it was too easy it would just be a competition to see who was online first, and what would be the point of that?
    But thanks for the feedback, and don't worry, they won't be all on maths!
    Smiles if you read my question again, you will see that in the rules at the bottom it says the best answer will contain both possible answers and be well reasoned, not just guessed- which means, evidently, that you have to send to me how you worked it out. I didn't think it was too hard to guess, as 28 only divides into 3 numbers!
    This was Jo's answer-
    4 or 7 mins
    x(11-x) = 28 - make into equation and solve
    (which could have been beaten if someone had spent me the expanded the answer x2 -11x + 28=0, (x-4)(x-7)=0 )
    Sorry if that was a bit hard, it'll be better once I get home and have books of puzzles to plagiarise!"
BB Update:
    "Sounds good!!! HEY for the holidays I'll spruce up the reward to 20,000 Neopoints split between the two winners. I want to finish before Christmas so we will need to have 3 nominees this week and two will leave."
Ollie is ill :(
General chit-chat.
BB Feedback:
    Ollie: "I think 2 winners is best, that way its still a competition, there's more incentive to be active etc. and getting rid of two members next time's not a bad idea either... the HOH will be competitive!"
    Me: "The amount of winners depends on when you want to finish. If you speed it up and maybe eliminate 2 players in the next round it could be over by Xmas, whose left in btw?"
    Smiles: "2 winners would be better, then it makes everyone who wants the np to get there act together hehe and be more active. Tiger says not many are active."
    Elephante: "I think there should be 2 or 3 winners...how many active players are there left????"
Member Awards November 2002:
    "Please send votes for the following categories to yugi_oh_fan:
        - Member of the Month
        - Newbie of the Month
        - Helper of the Month
        - Guild Contest of the Month
        - Nominations for Distinguished Member / Hall of Fame (if you want)
    And can all galleries let me know if anyone has made donations please."
Questionnaire for EVERY member for Guild Website: please post answers on Guild Message board, neomail to burnt_angel_69 or email to angelsk@hotmail.com with a photo.
    * = required field
Personal Information: - Possibly with a picture
    Username on Guild *:
    Name (s) *:
    Email *:
    DOB *:
    Neopets primary account:
    Other accounts:
    AIM/YIM/MSN/ICQ usernames:
Other Information:
    How you found the guild and your reasons for joining *:
    A bit about yourself (Hobbies / Interests etc):
    Any other Info:
    Date joined guild:
    No of Posts:
    Date last logged into Neopets:
    Position in Guild:
    Guild Galleries:
    Donations made: (NP/Items/Value)
    Competitions started / joined:
    Guild Awards won:
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02 December 2002 [Dec. 2nd, 2002|03:47 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Advent Calendar Day 2:
    "You find 100 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Brandy Butter!!!
    You also find a Pull Along Gelert!!!"
Elephante has sunburn - :( - she's back!
War discussion.
Smiles made new poll - using her new Poll Admin!
Poll Results:
Question: "What kind of Competitions do you prefer?"
    Total Votes: 7
    Long (e.g. Big Brother), with big prizes - 3 votes
    Medium (e.g. Fox's Treasure Hunt) - 4 votes
    Short (e.g. Tiger's Numbers) - 0 votes
New shop discussion.
BB Feedback:
    Smiles: "I am keen for the game to stop sooner than January as it would go to long. And I would be happy if there were 2 winners, I mean I don't mind if we stop the game now."
    Tiger: "How many of you that are still in the game would like to have more than one winner?
    If I had just one winner that person would get 10,000NP.
    I could make it two winners and each get 5000
    Or 3 and each get 3333 and so on.
    Let me know what you all think. I am busy with school and want to get this contest over soon so willofgaia can start his, if we keep going at this rate we would finish late January which is too long. So if you players that are left want to stop now and divide the 10,000 over the active players we can do that.
    If not and you guys still want to go on that is fine too. If we quite now or soon then I can do all my school stuff and start another competition in February 2003! I want to play willofgaia's game when it starts and have mine be done with."
People complimenting my work on the guild!
    Tiger: "I have to say Jo the guild is looking really GOOD!!!! You've done a lot of hard work and it doesn't go unnoticed!!!!"
Smiles new poll suggestion: "I have a poll question for the Christmas season.
    What Neoitem would you like for Christmas??
        1: plushie, toy
        2: petpet :)
        3: xmas food
        4: books
        5: other, please post on the message board"
Discussion about Treasure Conundrum - smiles didn't realise there were 2 answers.
Lucky Draw update: Prize fund = 7000NP
Treasure Conundrum No 1 Winner:
    "So to start, I'll tell you the results of my Treasure Conundrum! The answers were 4 and 7, but most of you got that- the only one who worked it out instead of guessing well was Jo, so she wins the prize! I've also done your quest for you Jo. And as I'm feeling in a generous mood (understandably) I've sent Strchick, who answered first, a little present too!"
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01 December 2002 [Dec. 1st, 2002|03:47 pm]
Treasures of Neopia Guild News

Smiles is now a True Treasure with Poll Admin! Congrats.
Ollie promoted up to Dahunk's old position, his old position is now up for grabs - neomail applications to me.
Need a helper for Syrawenn while she can't be on as much.
Burnt_angel_69 posted crossword answers.
Advent Calendar Day 1 - Prizes No 2 because of bug:
    "You find 1000 Neopoints!!!
    You find a White Kougra Plushie!!!
    You also find a Tree Shaped Cookies!!!"
Advent Calendar Day 1 - Prizes No 1:
    "You find 200 Neopoints!!!
    You find a Wet Snowball!!!"
HOH Winners:
    "I forget what weeks we are in for the game but it dont matter, hehehe
    Only two people entered for HOH this week and both of you guessed two numbers and none of the numbers were correct.
    I was looking for numbers 5 and 18! If you divide 18 you get nine and nine square rooted is three which is a whole number. it would have worked for 8 too and also 4.
    The two that entered were dirty_pop_bottle and yugi_oh_fan
    Since both of you were wrong and no one else entered I hereby grant both of you the power of HOH!!!!! Congrats to both and please talk with each other and decide who you will nominate. I would like you two to both send me the same two people by December 4 by 3PM Neopia Time!!!!"
Neoitems.net is back!!
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